Argyll Food Hub

Our Story

The Argyll Food Hub provides a marketplace for local products. It's situated in Tayvallich, a picturesque village in Knapdale, Argyll — an area rich in seafood, agricultural products, as well as locally manufactured food.

Tayvallich village shop storefront Our products are stocked in Tayvallich Shop, which is located in the center of our village
Argyll Food Hub local products Sustainably harvested Sound of Jura Seaweeds: the process ensures both regeneration and sustainability
Loaves of fresh sourdough bread Freshly baked loaves of bread from Knapdale Artisan Bread

The Argyll Food Hub promotes an ethos of knowing where your food comes from, saving local food miles, supporting local businesses, and working towards sustainable growth.

A colourful collection of pickles A collection of pickles made by Diverse Preserves
Argyll Food Hub local products Our local products are available in the Tayvallich Shop
Tasting platter of local produce A tasting platter showcasing our local produce served in the Tayvallich Cafe

The producers we are working with include Knapdale Artisan Bread; Argyll Coffee Roasters; Wee Isle Dairy; Little Keills Meat; Skipness Smokehouse; Diverse Preserves; Lussa Gin; Kintyre Gin; Jura Whiskey; and She Makes and Bakes Tablet.

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